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Map showing parish boundary
Map showing parish boundary

This website is managed by Keevil Parish Council in line with accessibility and transparency code guidelines. For more general village news, events, activities, history, information and galleries, see the independent village site keevilvillage.com

About the Parish Council

We are the first tier of local government, elected every four years. Although our time is fully volunteered we are not voluntary sector: councillors are holders of public office guided by the law and statutory duties, and as an employer are a corporate body. We are bound by a code of conduct and the seven principles of public life. Find out more about parish councils at askyourcouncil.uk

Councillors work hard to represent the interests of local people and improve the quality of life and the local environment. They have limited powers but are supporters of existing local services and do their best to protect them. Councillors also act as signposts and access points to services, as representatives, if assistance from a different agency is required. A Parish Council has the ability to negotiate with those other agencies that do make the final decisions (such as Wiltshire Council, Health Authorities, Police etc); they know that a Parish Council gives the best reflection of how a community feels about something, and its views will be taken seriously.

How we are funded

The funding for Keevil Parish Council is allocated by Wiltshire Council and is taken from the council tax; this is called an annual precept. The budget is limited and much goes on maintaining the Banfield Recreation Ground and the War Memorial and donating to village organisations. Requests for funding for village projects are welcomed by the Council and, in collaboration with our representative on Wiltshire Council Jonathan Seed, additional contributions may be sought from the Melksham Area Board (MAB) or from the Community Area Transport Group (CATG). Increasingly, the Parish Council is required to pay for or contribute to general village improvements or maintenance, previously funded by Wiltshire Council.

The Parish Steward

The Parish Steward (Reuben) is part of the Wiltshire Highways department and visits Keevil once a month to complete relevant jobs at the request of the Parish Council. If you see something that might need his attention, contact Cllr Pat Tucker who holds the Highways portfolio. And do give Reuben a cheerful wave if you see him around the parish!

Reporting something to Wiltshire Council

Many issues are beyond our remit, so it often helps when parishioners make their feelings known to Wiltshire Council directly, including reporting an issue via the MyWilts online reporting system, commenting on a planning application, or getting in touch with Jonathan Seed.

Local Policing and crime reports

Community Policing Teams (CPTs) are made up of neighbourhood officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) supported by additional police officers from the wider area. PCSO Mel Culliford covers the Keevil area

  • To contact the CPT about a community-related matter, such as a school visit, you can email TrowbridgeAreaCPT@wiltshire.police.uk(mailbox is not monitored 24/7).
  • You are unable to report crimes of any type via email and please do not report any situations that require an urgent response. In the case of an emergency please contact 999 and for non-urgent crimes and incidents, please call 101 or Report a crime here

Crime statistics are no longer provided to the Parish Council, but you can find information on local crime statistics here:

You can follow our local CPT on social media:

Community Messaging

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