Advisory Groups

In February 2019, the Parish Council conducted a Village Survey to understand the views of residents on life in Keevil – how villagers wanted the village to look in the future in respect of the environment, conservation, housing needs, general wellbeing and other areas, and the qualities and services of most value – so that the council could consider how best to protect and enhance them, and plan ahead.

Feedback on the results was delivered at council meetings in the summer, and working groups involving residents were formed around four key themes: Housing & development, Parking & Traffic (speed & volume), Roads Verges & Rights of Way, and Transport & Bus.

These were informal groups, facilitated by a councillor, with the broad aim of researching relevant matters raised in the survey and reporting back to the council with any recommendations. Three of these groups delivered final reports or recommendations in March 2020, however, with the onset of Covid-19, and then the council elections in May 2021, no further progress could be made. Also in 2021 a new group formed following a petition presented to the council regarding the provision of kissing gates on Rights of Way through local fields.

You can read a more detailed summary report of the above here: Working Groups Report September 2021

In January 2022 the Parish Council concluded its review and agreed three new advisory groups to take things forward:

  • Conservation & Environment (which includes heritage, housing, land, and climate matters); 
  • Highways (including speeding, street parking, verges and traffic), and 
  • Accessibility & Rights of Way

Download a diagram here: Advisory Groups transition schematic

Both Highways and Access/ROW are already rolling, and we are now looking for a handful of residents with a balance of interests to help us take the CONSERVATION & ENVIRONMENT group to the next stage. We’d love to hear from any villager with a passion for the unique character of our parish and the surrounding countryside, and able to spare a little time to help us plan for the future; even better if you have a little experience – no matter how latent – in any of the following areas:

  • Project management, collaboration & team building, community engagement, digital skills;
  • Grants & funding, contract negotiation, law;
  • Civil engineering, surveying, property development, land management, data analysis;
  • Heritage & conservation, localism & planning policy;
  • Climate change, green initiatives, biodiversity.

If you are interested, please email Sarah Dow on with a brief outline of your interest, experience, and the help you think you can provide.

You can find more information and downloads from the village survey on the village website here.

If you need a more accessible format of a document, please email the clerk and tell us what you need – it will help if you say what assistive technology you use.