Parish Assets

Banfield Recreation Ground

Keevil Parish Council’s main asset is the Banfield Recreation Ground. See Governance documents here for the complete Asset Register.

A brief background

The Ground is owned by the Parish Council. It was purchased from the MOD on 23rd February 1994 and a conveyance drawn up between the Secretary of State for Defence, for and on behalf of Her Majesty, and Keevil Parish Council for the freehold land in the Parish of Keevil. This land included the originally rented playground, as marked on the HM Land Registry Map, 1987, and some additional land. This additional land has subsequently had substantial play equipment installed.  The Parish Council has the responsibility for maintenance, insurance and all other matters pertaining to ownership of land which is used/accessed by members of the public.

In the conveyance it states that the land is conveyed ‘together with a right of way, at all reasonable hours in the daytime, in common with the vendor and all persons authorised by him, on foot, and with tractors and mowing implements over and along the strip of land coloured brown on the plan, in order to obtain access to the said land, the purpose of maintaining the same, as a recreation ground, and for cutting the grass thereon and for no other purpose whatever.’ The ‘strip of land coloured brown’ refers to the permitted access route from Martins Road across MOD land to the field gate in the Recreation Ground. 

Current use

The Recreation Ground is maintained by the Keevil Community Shed. It is open to members of the public but users are asked to observe safe measures to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Download the latest RoSPA Annual Safety Inspection report: Banfield Recreation Ground October 2022

New Equipment for the Banfield Recreation Ground

One of the two children’s springies needs replacing after many years of service and a few repairs. Rather than replace it with another springy, the Parish Council would like to take the opportunity to seek the views of residents, to see if they would like to see an alternative piece of play equipment installed.

There are a number of suppliers of playground equipment online, and while any purchase would have to follow procurement policy, such websites might offer a few ideas. The replacement cost for a new springy would be about £1,000.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a new item of play equipment then please contact Cllr Rob Kevan: – ideally before Christmas if we need to take into account any difference in budget.

War Memorial

Keevil’s War Memorial was Grade II listed in 2018; the Parish Council has assumed ownership and carried out renovation and maintenance work. The Council also keeps a reserve for ongoing maintenance.