Community Notices

Dog Walkers poo bag scheme…

Like many rural villages we have a perennial poo problem and, whilst additional notices help a little, there are times when the actions (or non-actions) of a tiny minority undoes all the good that the vast majority of our dog walking community conscientiously do every single day. Here’s where we’re at:

All litter bins are mixed waste bins

Wiltshire Council treat all bins as MIXED WASTE – so you can put bagged poo in any of the Litter Bins. With this in mind, Wiltshire Council have (at our request) moved one of the two bins on the footpath by the Banfield Recreation Ground to the beginning of Towmead Lane, and supplied us with some notices for the bins that might help make it clear that bagged poo is ok.

Free poo bag scheme…

We asked Steeple Ashton about their scheme which they said has helped improve things, although the problem’s not been entirely eliminated. It’s run by a co-ordinator and volunteer network who each have an area to look after and refill with bags (all supplies are paid for by the Parish Council). 

To this end, as of April 2024, Cllr Geoff West, working with a volunteer from Keevil village, has now begun a trial scheme. There are four dispensers currently deployed:

  1. By the waste bin next to the Recreation Ground;
  2. On the waste bin next to the bus stop opposite Field Head on Main Street;
  3. On the 30mph sign on Main Street;
  4. On the waste bin on Towmead Lane.

There are three different types of dispenser being trialled, so if you find one preferable over another, please let Geoff know ( or 870425). Equally, get in touch with any thoughts on the scheme’s success or otherwise, ideas for other sites, and if you’d like to volunteer to help keep them filled up. 

These bags are free for all dog walkers if you get caught short while out with your pooch – please use them considerately :-)

A plea for considerate parking…

Our village roads are overstretched by modern parking needs, plus tradesmen, visitors and deliveries, particularly around Pyatts Corner, Stocks Green and Martins Road where many homes have little or no off-road parking of their own, and slender verges are easily damaged.

If you have space for vehicles on your property, please use it whenever possible. If you’ve no choice but to park on the road, be considerate of neighbours, wheelchairs, disabled scooters, buggies, and of visibility safety, especially with high or wide vehicles.

Highway Code 243 states no parking on a bend, within 10m of a junction, in front of a property entrance or by a school entrance, on pavements, or anywhere that limits emergency vehicle access.

Thank you to those residents who have already tried to be more mindful about parking, and to those who have written to the Parish Council, it is appreciated.

Our Country Code

The Country Code item was created by our Rights of Way advisory group, to try and educate villagers about the difficulties our farmers have when walkers stray off designated footpaths, and so that walkers can enjoy our village and the surrounding countryside, whilst remembering to be considerate to other villagers and the farmers whose land you are crossing.


  1. Be considerate to those who work on the land. They depend on it for a living.
  2. Be aware of others who are enjoying walks in the village and countryside.
  3. Please leave gates AS YOU FIND THEM.
  4. Follow local footpath signs, remembering to keep to pathways. The field you walk through is pasture for cattle and should not be trampled over.
  5. Be careful in fields containing livestock, mindful of the gates and fences that hold them. Don’t disturb or frighten them. Cows could be in calf or turn aggressive.


  1. Keep your dogs on a lead whilst walking around the village, don’t let them wander into other peoples garden. Keep them under strict control whilst in fields.
  2. Don’t let your dog worry any livestock.
  3. Take care to clear up their poo, around the village roads and verges and in particular in fields. Livestock grazing in these fields can pick up serious infections if they eat this. It is not okay to think you don’t have a responsibility just because you are out in the middle of a field.
  4. Take any litter home with you. Discarded waste can harm livestock and seriously damage plant life.

S137 Grants & Donations

One of the ways small Parish Councils can support and invest in our community is through donations or grants made under what’s known as S137 expenditure (section 137(4)(a) Local Government Act 1972). The amounts are not fixed (although there is a limit), but they must be for initiatives directly relevant to the interests and benefit of the Keevil area or any part of it and some or all of its inhabitants.

 Requests should be sent to the Clerk, Sarah Dow:

Keevil Airfield activity

Updates and information can be found here on the village website.

Road Closures

You can see the full list of all roadworks taking place in the county by visiting the One Network map and typing ‘Wiltshire’ into the search box.

Parish Clerk

I am pleased to announce that Keevil Parish Council has a new Clerk/RFO.

At its meeting on Monday 5th June, the Council unanimously approved the recommendation of it’s Personal Committee that Cllr Sarah Dow be appointed to the post. The recommendation was made following a formal interview process in which the candidate demonstrated that she had all the essential and desired criteria necessary for the post, alongside the outstanding practical demonstration of these skills in her present role as interim Clerk.

In line with statutory requirements Sarah will undertake the role for the first year unremunerated and will step down as a Councillor.

The Council are delighted with this excellent appointment that will support continuity for the Council moving forward.

Dr. Alex Goodwin, Chair 08 June 2023

Proclamation of His Majesty King Charles III

In Keevil, the Parish Proclamation of the new King was read by the Chair of Keevil Parish Council, as First Citizen of the Parish, at 6pm Sunday 11th September 2022, by the War Memorial.