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Planning in Keevil

Keevil Parish Council is a statutory consultee of Wiltshire Council (the Planning Authority) on all planning applications within the parish. Any views expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account by the Planning Authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of that planning application. The Parish Council has no powers to approve or reject, the decision is made by the Planning Authority.

In September 2022, Keevil Parish Council adopted a Planning Policy based on the core principles of the Village Design Statement (2003) and the majority outcomes of the Village Survey (2019). The Policy is reviewed annually in May.

Planning Meetings

Planning applications are considered at the normal bi-monthly council meetings unless the deadline for comment falls between meetings, in which case an additional meeting will be convened and noted on the Meetings page.

You can search for planning applications on Wiltshire Council’s website – which now includes the weekly lists of new applications and decisions.

You can find full details of all full planning applications in Keevil going back to 2018 on the village website.

Advice: commenting on a planning application

Wiltshire Council planning matters that affect the future of our Parish

The Wiltshire Local Plan

The Plan sets out the vision and framework for housing, infrastructure and land for employment growth in Wiltshire for the next 15 years. Once adopted, all planning applications will be determined against the plan, making it the most important place-shaping document for Wiltshire.

Consultation for the Wiltshire Local Plan closed in November 2023 with more than 8,000 comments received from the public, businesses, community groups, and town and parish councils. Wiltshire Council expect to publish all the comments in the coming months, and consultation outcomes reported to Cabinet and Council prior to submission to the Secretary of State. Further information on the consultation can be found here and a more general overview of the Local Plan here.

We formally responded as a Parish Council, you can download our response here: Keevil Parish Council response to Local Plan consultation_2023_11_21

A350 Melksham Bypass

The village website has a page here which it updates with news from Wiltshire Council.

Parish Council Planning Meeting Minutes

All Meeting Minutes are draft until agreed by the Council as a correct record at the next Ordinary meeting. All minutes are now published on the Meetings & Minutes page here.

If you need a more accessible format of a document, please email the clerk and tell us what you need – it will help if you say what assistive technology you use.

06 December 2021 Planning meeting: Minutes of Planning Meeting 06 December 2021_DRAFT_v1.0
15 June 2021 Planning meeting: KEEVIL PARISH COUNCIL – Minutes of the Extra (planning) PC Meeting of June 15th 2021
Meeting – 25th January 2021open here

Meeting – 15th December 2020open here

Meeting – 19th October 2020open here
Meeting – 28th September 2020open here
Meeting – 11th Aug 2020open here
Meeting – 1st June 2020 open here
Meeting – 18th May 2020 open here
Meeting – 30th March 2020 open here
Meeting – 15th Feb 2020 open here
Meeting – 21st Dec 2019open here
Meeting – 16th Nov 2019 open here
Meeting – 19th Oct 2019 (1) open nere
Meeting – 19th Oct 2019 (2) open here
Meeting – 4th May 2019OPEN HERE 
Meeting -23rd March 2019open here
Meeting – 16th March 2019 open here
Meeting – 23rd Feb 2019 open here
Meeting – 3rd Nov 2018 open here
Meeting – 13th Oct 2018 open here
Meeting – 8th Sept 2018 open here
Meeting – 4th Aug 2018open here
Meeting – 7th July 2018 open here
Meeting – 16th June 2018 open here
Meeting – 12th May 2018 open here
Meeting – 10th March 2018 open here
Meeting – 17th Feb 2018 open nere
Meeting – 3rd Feb 2018 (pdf file)open here
Meeting – 27th Jan 2018 open here
Meeting – 20th Jan 2018 (pdf file)open here

Earlier planning meeting minutes are available on request from the Clerk